Who are Chinese? Who are Hong Konger?

China, semasiologically referred to a central country. (司馬遷, B.C. 109 – B.C. 91; 宋濂, 1367) People lived in the territory called themselves Chinese. The reason to differentiate Chinese and Hong Konger is that though Hong Kong is now part of China, it was not always true in its history. to cross reference with: In terms… Continue reading Who are Chinese? Who are Hong Konger?

Art spaces in Hong Kong

– A short research about its development. From 2001, more and more visual artists were renting apartments in industrial buildings to make artwork. Artists who rented a studio space in Fotan, in Hong Kong, once attempted to develop an artists’ village. (梁寶, 2008) However, the tribe diverged into 2 groups when they started receiving organizational… Continue reading Art spaces in Hong Kong

Connection vs Isolation

– a collaboration with Holly, Mary, Olivia, Seoyun & Sun Food is the top priority in traditional Chinese culture. Having a meal together symbolized a connection. Therefore, traditional Chinese family must have family dinner for every Chinese festival. Food is a universal tool to begin a discussion. Most people feel comfortable to talk about. (John,… Continue reading Connection vs Isolation

Before Lockdown…

Off-site Project Gluttony – an art project proposed to Mardi Gras 2020Date: 25/2 – 22/3 Venue: 25/2 in Banqueting Hall of Chelsea College; from 26/2 onward in St. Saviour’s Church. Background: According to Chaplain Mark Dean and Father Matthew, Lent is about give and take, self-discipline, and preparation for Easter. In the past few years,… Continue reading Before Lockdown…

Curation and Collaborative work

“What would you do in your leisure time?” “I enjoyed a list of activities, cycling, reading, watching movies, hanging with my friends…Sometimes I work collaboratively with artists in art projects.” “Apart from being a participating artist of the group exhibition ‘Encounters’, I was also the curator. A ‘rebellious’ character was shared among my group. Then… Continue reading Curation and Collaborative work

Unit 1 Show

In his mind. 2019. Video, projection, screen and projectors, laptop, chairs and table. Variable dimension.

“How’s the protest going? Did anything break through?” “It is always the Hong Kong Police made things worse. They intruded two universities in Hong Kong.”  “Geez…Battle in university is unacceptable and unforgivable. What could we help those students?” “Tangible support is always the best. Apart from that, we need to inform as many people as… Continue reading Unit 1 Show

Group Exhibition – Encounters

“But I heard your Chief Executive had declared that ‘the bill was dead’, isn’t it?” “That’s true. But that is just one of our five demands.” “Hong Kong Police abused protesters during peaceful demonstration. Their brutality should be brought to justice.” “Pro-government people called us cockroaches, rioters. For over half a century, they were blinded… Continue reading Group Exhibition – Encounters