Who are Chinese? Who are Hong Konger?

China, semasiologically referred to a central country. (司馬遷, B.C. 109 – B.C. 91; 宋濂, 1367) People lived in the territory called themselves Chinese. The reason to differentiate Chinese and Hong Konger is that though Hong Kong is now part of China, it was not always true in its history. to cross reference with: In terms… Continue reading Who are Chinese? Who are Hong Konger?

Art spaces in Hong Kong

– A short research about its development. From 2001, more and more visual artists were renting apartments in industrial buildings to make artwork. Artists who rented a studio space in Fotan, in Hong Kong, once attempted to develop an artists’ village. (梁寶, 2008) However, the tribe diverged into 2 groups when they started receiving organizational… Continue reading Art spaces in Hong Kong