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Off-site Project

Gluttony – an art project proposed to Mardi Gras 2020
Date: 25/2 – 22/3
Venue: 25/2 in Banqueting Hall of Chelsea College; from 26/2 onward in St. Saviour’s Church.

According to Chaplain Mark Dean and Father Matthew, Lent is about give and take, self-discipline, and preparation for Easter. In the past few years, Mark has been making pancakes in the Chelsea College during the Mardi Gras Festival. This year in part of the Lenten journey, St. Saviour’s Church will collaborate with MA Fine Art students of Chelsea College of Arts (UAL). It will start with a mass in banqueting hall in Chelsea College of Arts on Shrove Tuesday, February 25. Some blessed students may exhibit their artwork in the Banqueting Hall, in the Cookhouse and/or in the St. Saviour’s Church.

The church was vastly adorned in the late 19th century. For instance, the reredos behind the Sanctuary was renewed; stained glass were installed on the east windows; lectern with a brass eagle was gifted; The bells and the clock on the Tower house were installed. 4 Meanwhile in art sector, especially for impressionist and post-impressionist artists, still life was once again widely practiced. 3

In fact, the theme of still life painting was repeatedly re-examined in different era, even in contemporary art context. These were the 10 best contemporary still life art pieces suggested by Art historian Michael Petry in 2013. 2

In the weaving context of Mardi Gras, Lent, St. Saviour’s Church, and contemporary still life art pieces, I would like to produce art pieces related with food. In my spare time, I had a part time job in restaurant. I was surprised by the food waste that caused by the customers and the restaurants. According to news report and “Small Change, Big Difference”, 910,000 tonnes of food waste were generated annually merely in London. 1 People should continuously be aware of their food waste produced.

In total 3 paintings with image of food waste would be produced on paper. They were framed with light materials.
They will be hanged in the banqueting hall on February 25, and then moved to and exhibited in St. Saviour’s Church during the Lent period before Easter. 
The 3 paintings were proposed to put on walls in south aisle as shown. 
Being produced in light materials, the paintings could be hung on walls with Command Strips or Blu-Tack, which would leave no trace on the wall after exhibition. 

Food waste produced by customers were well plated and photoed. Images of food waste reminded us to be conscious on the amount of buying and ordering food. 
Well plated food waste represented that this could have been prevented. For instance, the food could have been served and taken by some poor people in needed.
The images being printed and painted on paper bags of flour connected with the frying pancake event. The use of paper bags also reduced waste being sent to landfill.
The display of paintings in banqueting hall marked the start of Lent period. The move from banqueting hall to the church represented a continuous awareness on the issue. 

Gluttony. 2020. Acrylic and print on paper. 297 x 420mm each.

These were the food left on several tables after one evening in one restaurant in London. According to “Small Change, Big Difference”, London produced 910,000 tonnes of food waste annually. The food could have be served in a better way.



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Group Exhibition

Windows represent different meaning in different cultures. I was interested in exploring the underlying cultural meaning when people gave feedback to me.

At the beginning I was not sure where to install or how many windows to be blocked. Until I knew my group mates would like to have projection, I suggested my work could be installed and they might have a dark room.

Before the installation.
Untitiled. 2020. Paper cardboard. Dimension Variable.
View from outside the room.
I have made some coat hooks for visitors.
View of another archway.
Close-up details.
During the group show.

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