Off-site Community Project

An object found. 2019. Plastic, wallet, paper notes and ink on cards. Variable dimensions.

“I should revise my point about casualties in the protest. Hong Kong government and Police Force were hiding something from the public. Brutality of pro-government people and HK Police were far more serious than anyone could imagine.”

“What do you mean by that?”

Passengers were attacked by Hong Kong Police in Prince Edward station on August 31, 2019
An object found. 2019. Plastic, wallet, paper notes and ink on cards. Variable dimensions.

“‘An object found’ was an off-site project. A crime scene was replicated in which a human-sized object was found and covered. I wanted to draw British attention to the suspiciously uprising suicidal rate in Hong Kong. The muse came from the announcement in the London underground and railway system:”

(laugh) “See it. Say it. Sort it. That’s very London! The artwork seemed to experiment whether pedestrians would noticed an unusual object, and if yes, what reaction they would have. I guess it was trying to raise awareness of people to concern some others who were invisible to the society. Did anyone notice and check what was covered?”

An elderly was watching the installation.

“Within the observation period, 12 people passed by the installation. A few people looked at it with questions. A pair of elderly couples have asked about the work. This brief and informal social experiment might imply the elderly in London might concern the society more than the working class citizens. Other people could be too busy to notice the installation. Considering the installation, it might not look like an human-sized object but just bags of rubbish.”

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